Personal finance manager based on double entry bookkeeping principles


Main features

Accounts tree view
Organize your accounts into a tree structure. Branch expense and income accounts or join accounts by currency or type. Create, remove or change your account tree structure depending on your needs.
Balances of accounts
View current, cleared and total balances of a single account or a whole branch of accounts.
View profits of stocks and funds.
Select a list of transactions to calculate expenses/incomes and sums. Let transaction history help you input similar transactions.
Search and filter
Filter transactions with various filter fields. Calculate filtered transactions expenses/incomes and sums.
Multiple currencies and exchange rates
Calculate account balances or transaction sums in different currencies or just exchange currencies.
Transaction scheduling
Schedule repeating transactions and let Monex do the work for you.
Working with stocks and funds
Account stock purcase and sale, view how much profit you have made or are about to.
Transaction categories
Organize transactions additionally with categories.

[Detailed features list]

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